NEWS 2017

  Do Records 102
NEWS 2017
Composer: the moon
Copyright 2002 Susanne Stetzer
A publication in CD/ book form, in co-operation with 'Items'

Items is the best-read magazine for designers since twenty years. It deals
with the whole range of designs in The Netherlands: from graphic design,
visual communication to product design, interaction design en architecture.
Every year, Items pays special attention to the school certificate projects
of art academies in The Netherlands and Flanders.

The school certificate project of Susanne Stetzer (Royal Academy of the
Plastic Arts, department Graphic Design) was rewarded by the jury, with
Vincent van Baar as external member, with the Items/Spinhex & Industrie
Prize for the most interesting graphic school certificate project 2001.
Winning this prize provided Susanne Stetzer with the possibility to have
her work printed. This is the result.

Graphic design and text: Susanne Stetzer
Editing: Flory Hartog Project
Supervision: Pao Lien Djie
Publisher: Items / Spinhex & Industrie, Amsterdam 2002
Letter: Trade Gothic Condensed / DTL Casparist Bold
Printing: Spinhex & Industrie, Amsterdam
Impression: 2000 copies
Copyright 2002 Susanne Stetzer (
Production cd: Do Records, Bilthoven
Performing musicians: Rosa Ensemble

The score NEWS 2017 uses contrasting tidal movement of four
locations on earth. Each table, each location, is performed by one artist.
The strength is entirely optional, which means that the performing artist
determines the instrumentation. Violin (Matthijs Berger), piano (Laurens
de Boer), percussion (Daniel Cross) and saxophone (Karlijn Scheepers)
form the basis of this performance. The artists use extra instruments like
small percussion, electronics and keys.

Record label Do Records ( was founded by pianist
Kees Wieringa, aiming to launch records with unknown and special piano
music. Meanwhile, the repertoire has been extended with Dutch music,
which has a unique relationship with the plastic arts, such as those of the
artist groups 'De Ploeg', 'De Stijl' and Theo van Doesburg. Do Records is
part of DO (Do Foundation). DO produces theatre and music projects, thus
stimulating an original view on society.

Sound World

Suzanne Stetzer: "The score is based on the high and low water of So
Paulo, Hook of Holland, Tokyo and Campbell Island. According to the
movement of the world sea, there is a connection between those places.
In my score, I arrange the parameters of nature and relate them to
parameters of the sound world. As the water, in tides, rises and falls, the
tempo of repeating a tone speeds up or slows down. Each location is
translated by another instrument. The score is a rendition of the tides in
the weeks of 7 to 21 August 2017. The score is represented in the form
of a circle; there are two circles for each location. The data of a clock
(the circle) of each location refer to the local time. In order to register the
tides at the different locations simultaneously, the musicians do not start
at the same time. This is the order of the locations: So Paulo starts,
5 units later Hook of Holland comes in, after 12 units Tokyo and Campbell
Island after 17 units. In the first circle the course of the swell is noted for
the week of 7 to 13 August 2017 and in the second circle for the week of
14 to 20 and 21 August 2017. Each day, ebb and tide change four times.
The number of the weekday marks the data for one day. The circle is read
by following the clock. The 24 hours correspond to the chromatic scale of
12 tones. The musician determines the register, just like he regulates the
notes by turning the disc. At every performance, this regulation can be

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