'Theo van Doesburg'

Music by Kees Wieringa


Information about the sound layer in the Van Doesburg exhibition

Especially for this exhibition about Theo van Doesburg, Kees Wieringa has made two compositions for the Centraal Museum and the Kršller Mšller Museum. These compositions have been tuned to the spaces in which they are reproduced. The material on which the compositions are based is entirely in the Van Doesburg vein and consists of fragments of voices of Kurt Schwitters and, among others, musical fragments from the beginning of the twentieth century.

All texts used are from Theo Van Doesburg and have been especially recorded for this composition. The composition has been designed three-dimensionally. It is controlled from a central computer and uses chance techniques. The utterly complex software has been developed by MichŹl Koenders. During the exhibition, a compact disc titled 'Theo van Doesburg' appears on the label of DO records (DR 005) with a selection from the sound layer of the exhibition. This compact disc is on sale exclusively in the musea!

Kees Wieringa earlier made compositions for theatre, film and television. He is also known as a pianist with music from, among others, Simeon ten Holt. Kees Wieringa is considered to be a specialist in the repertoire of the beginning of the twentieth century. Up till now, he has published many compact discs featuring music from e.g. Dani‘l Ruyneman, Jakob van Domselaer, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Simeon ten Holt. He also works as a radio- and televisionmaker.