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Eadem Sed Aliter & Solo Devil Dance III








Kees Wieringa - piano


Music of the future

During the summer of 1998, composer Simeon ten Holt, pianist Kees Wieringa and sound technician Bert van Dijk shut themselves in the auditorium of Muziekcentrum Vredenburg The Netherlands for 2 days. They were at each other's mercy for the recording of a new compact disc with piano music by Simeon ten Holt. This is the record premiere of Eadem Sed Aliter and a new devilish piano dance, named Solo Devil Dance III. As the pre-eminet specialist of Ten Holt's repertoire, Kees Wieringa once premiered these new works in the auditorium of Muziekcentrum Vredenburg. The acoustics of this hall are ideal for this 'music of the future'. Please send your order for this cd to the home page of do records or through e-mail directly. Distribution in The Netherlands: Clavicenter Amsterdam.

Holt Canto Ostinato

Simeon Ten Holt: ' The complementary aspects of the antitheses is a reflection of the cause and consequence or tension and resolution contrast inherent in the structure of tonality; that is, functional pairs which are anchored, in turn, in the substrata of the human mind. This perspective has consequences for the performance with regard to conceptions of time and duration and it frees concepts such as 'beginning' and 'end' and 'before' and 'after' from their limiting implications'.


Eadem Sed Aliter:


Kees Wieringa & Simeon ten Holt