De Ploeg, Daniël Ruyneman and his time

Djoke Winkler Prins - soprano
René Berman - cello
Kees Wieringa - piano


One of the most colourful compact
discs from the Dutch music scene

This new compact disc is a rendition of the artistic climate round the Groningen group of expressionists 'De Ploeg' between 1918 and 1928. Pre-eminently, it contains compositions by Daniël Ruyneman, Jan Ingenhoven, Claude Debussy, Charles Koechlin and Darius Milhaud that have not been published on compact disc before. Some compositions are unique for the Dutch music life, such as 'Bei Betrachtung de Mondes' and ' Hiëroglyphen' (Matthijs Vermeulen: 'a masterpiece') by the long forgotten composer Daniël Ruyneman and the cello sonata by Jan Ingenhoven that had never been performed.Next to the composer Daniël Ruyneman, the following artists are represented in De Ploeg: visual artists Jan Wiegers and Jan Altink, printer Nicolaas Werkman and poet Hendrik de Vries. Ruyneman was one of the editors of the Ploeg-magazine 'Magazine for Art'. In this magazine, he published some of his compositions, e.g. the song 'Bei Betrachtung de Mondes' designed by Werkman.

Ruyneman's own early compositions, such as 'Hiëroglyphen' (1918) evidently show his interest in 'abstracting' in modern art. In 'Hiëroglyphen', he evokes a particularly mysterious world of sounds. The composer was way ahead of his time; his compositions will sometimes strike one as exotic and indefinably quietened, whereas at other times, they sound threatening and fierce. Its instrumentation is surprising and extremely modern for his time: 3 flutes, 2 guitars, 2 mandolins, piano, harp, celesta and cupbells.





This compact disc will also represent sympathizers of Ruyneman, such as the composer Jan Ingenhoven, whose work was never recorded on CD. Ruyneman organised a number of sensational concerts for De Ploeg with premieres of, among others, Charles Koechlin, Darius Milhaud and Claude Debussy, staged by Ploeg-member Johan Dijkstra.

Do records 002 'De Ploeg':
Daniël Ruyneman and his time.

Distribution: Clavicenter Amsterdam.
Repertoire compact disc:
Daniel Ruyneman (Hieroglyphen (1918), Sonatine (1917), Winterabend (1914), Bei Betrachtung des Mondes (1918), Drie Pathematologiën (1914/15), Bij aanschouwing der maan (1918), Drei Persische Lieder (1950), Vier Liederen op teksten van J.H. Leopold (1939);
Jan Ingenhoven (1876-1951) - Sonate no. 2 "Quasi una fantasia" (1922);
Darius Milhaud (1892 - 1974) - Elegie (1945) ;
Claude Debussy (1862 -1918) - Sonate pour violoncelle et piano (1915).

Ruynemanproject, direction: Kees Wieringa

Manja Smits: harp
Esther Steenbergen and Olga Fransen: guitar
Lenie Kerkhoven and Marco Ludemann: mandoline
Roel Stern, Raymond Honing and Thies Roorda: flute
Richard Jansen: cup-bells
Annette Middelbeek: piano
Polo de Haas: celesta

Djoke Winkler Prins: soprano
René Berman: cello
Kees Wieringa: piano