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do records The most surprising record label of The Netherlands

Do Records
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1645 RL Ursem (NH)
The Netherlands
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Dutch classical music performed by top musicians.
Discussed extensively by the media and on sale everywhere.

do records 010


a composition about the tango of Kees Wieringa

DR 010

Sonsoles Alonso - piano
John Addison - violoncello
Ville Hiltula - bandoneon

El compositor, pianista y realizador de programas de radio y televisión Kees Wieringa escribió la obra Zorro para el festival Tango à la Carte de Alkmaar (Holanda), un
cross-over entre la música clásica contemporánea y el tango.
Como un inteligente zorro, Kees Wieringa presenta su visión del tango: el tango como música de salón y como forma superior de música popular. El enmascarado héroe popular Zorro lucha a lo largo de la historia del cine contra la tiranía de los invasores españoles. Wieringa ha hecho uso de una técnica propia de trabajar ‘células originarias’ partiendo de pequeños motivos rítmicos o melódicos a través de los cuales construye la estructura total de la obra.

do records 202


een film over de componist Jakob van Domselaer


makers: Victor Nieuwenhuijs & Maartje Seyferth
producers: Moskito film/ Do foundation
length: 50 minutes
Jakob van Domselaer (1890 - 1960) had friendship with Mondriaan and have to the cradle of the style period. Van Domselaer composed beginning 20th century the very extreme 'tests of style art'. In Bergen (The Netherlands), where he has lived a lot of years and died in 1960, in large loneliness.
The film gives a picture of its exceptional music and let people speaking whos has known him well. Also it gives a picture of a type-setter who whole its own pace has gone, far from developments the twentieth century with a surprising result. The film wants awake curiosity to the work of Van Domselaer in consistency with the period in which to be work arose. Are speaking dr. Alphen de Veer, composer Simeon ten Holt, expressive artist Constant (son-in-law), type-setter Dick Raaijmakers, conservator Frits Zwart and music journalist seriousness Vermeulen. And of cause Kees Wieringa, pianist and reinventor of the work of Van Domselaer.

De film is te koop onder nummer do records 202.

do records 009

Alvin Curran "For Cornelius" & Harry de Wit "Sleepers"

"For Cornelius" was written in December 1981 just after Curran had heard the news of the accidental and tragic death of the English composer Cornelius Cardew.
"Sleepers" is gebaseerd op een gedicht van Walt Whitman.


do records 201

Morton Feldman Session on DVD

music on canvas - a live performance

In the Dutch recording studio Grasland pianist Kees Wieringa performs the Morton Feldman composition ‘For Bunita Marcus’. Performing artist Eric de Nie is inspired by the music to simultaneously make a painting. This creation process is followed closely by nine video cameras. The images are mixed by VJ-Stalker according to a concept by Marja Sonneveld. The DVD contains the adaptation of this public live performance in which the tension between the musical performance and the creation process of making a painting keeps after the viewer.


do records 102

NEWS 2017

The score °N°E°W°S 2017 uses contrasting tidal movement of four locations on earth. Each table, each location, is performed by one artist. The strength is entirely optional, which means that the performing artist determines the instrumentation. Violin (Matthijs Berger), piano (Laurens de Boer), percussion (Daniel Cross) and saxophone (Karlijn Scheepers) form the basis of this performance. The artists use extra instruments like small percussion, electronics and keys.


do records 101

Another Voice Folk songs by classical composers

Solos and duets by Judith Mok and Susanna Moncayos & Fernando Prez - piano


do records 008

Hedwigs Portrait Jurriaan Andriessen

What you see here is a reproduction of Hedwig’s Portrait. The original is bigger, 70 to 55 cm to be precise. In this picture you can also see clearly that Hedwig’s Portrait is a so-called ‘double focus’ drawing. At first the viewer recognizes the face of a woman. Jurriaan Andriessen has portrayed here his life companion Hedwig. At closer look the portrait turns out to be composed out of thousands of musical notes. These notes together form 54 playable compositions that Andriessen especially created for this portrait.
Bernd Brackman & Kees Wieringa - piano's


do records 007

New York: Beethoven - Pianosonate nr. 32 (op.111) and Franz Liszt - Années de Pèlerinage III / Carnegie Hall live recording - Kees Wieringa

do records 006

Sonatines from the Netherlands II

Kees Wieringa - piano


do records 005

'Theo van Doesburg' - music by Kees Wieringa


do records 004

Sonatines from the Netherlands I

Kees Wieringa - piano


do records 003

Simeon ten Holt - Eadem Sed Aliter

Simeon ten Holt - Solo Devil Dance III

Kees Wieringa - piano


do records 002

'De Ploeg', Danil Ruyneman en zijn tijd

Djoke Winkler Prins - sopraan & Ren Berman - cello & Kees Wieringa - piano


do records 001

Jakob Van Domselaer / pianomusic

Proeven van Stijlkunst I - IX (1913-17) + Sonate no.9 (1924)
Kees Wieringa - piano